Newly handled brand “NANGA”


In the 2022 AW, this model was only available at directly managed stores, but when we heard that it would be available wholesale at retail stores this 2023 AW, we made an offer to carry it at our store.

The length of the arms is different from imported ones, they are short, have a good fit, and are lightweight, so I think this is a style that will appeal to people who have always liked outdoor brands.

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The armholes are thick, and the three-dimensional cutting and pattern work ensure a range of motion around the arms. Packable design allows you to store the jacket in the inside pocket on the front left side.
The concept is to wear it at lodges and base camps, and we are particular about its lightness and heat retention.

Although it is based on the `` SUPER LIGHT DOWN JACKET '', which has been missed in the history of NANGA jackets and is now out of print, it has been reborn with a major design change. Arranged in a modern silhouette and updated with cutting-edge materials.

The front and lining fabrics are made of environmentally friendly recycled nylon fabric, which is extremely thin and soft to wear at 10 dn , and can efficiently transfer body heat to the feathers, providing excellent heat retention.

The feathers are filled with high-quality SPDX (Polish Goose Down) with 860 FP (fill power), and the width of the quilt stitches is widened to create a structure that maximizes the spread of the feathers, while reducing the weight of the down. It provides excellent heat retention.

The elasticated cuffs, hem, and ribbed collar provide a snug fit and prevent cold air from entering.

The back of the front zipper has a corbel that prevents cold air from entering through the zipper and keeps you warm.

The double zip allows for internal temperature regulation and allows easy access to inner pockets.

It can be worn as a middle layer with a shell jacket for outdoor activities such as mountain climbing or camping, or as a warm and lightweight outerwear on its own for town, and its fluffy feel makes it perfect for wearing around the house without stress.