COW BOOKS/カウブックス

COW BOOKS/Container Tray Large-Green

$63.00 (税込) $89.00

A large, deep accessory case made of thick waterproof canvas.

It is about half the thickness of COW BOOKS' WOOD BOX BIG. Use it to store records, magazines, etc., store slippers for guests at the entrance, or use it as a storage box.

This tray reflects the strengths of container totes that have been tested over many years through trial and error, such as using the particularly strong fabric used in Cow Books' standard container tote series and adding cushioning material to the bottom.

A wire is placed around the mouth of the tray to help it hold its shape. The front side has the Cow Books logo imitating chain embroidery.

The Large type has handles made of the same fabric on both sides for carrying things inside.

Color: Green
Size: Depth 13cm x Width 41cm x Height 25.5cm

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