Re-ACT / リアクト


$69.00 (税込)


RE.ACT=React to stimulus.

The designer himself has been inspired by various things such as travel, old clothes, and culture, and chose the name to reflect this in his creations.

We are disseminating a wide range of products that go beyond genres, centering on leather items. We intentionally do not have a brand theme, but instead propose a free and natural design so that you can enjoy the image that changes depending on your mood and situation.
RE.ACT uses vegetable tanned leather, a "breathing leather" that can resonate with nature. We carefully select items that are assimilated with nature, environmentally friendly materials, and warm items, and are produced in a factory with a 35-year history.

We constantly and consistently release leather products that "the more you use them, the more the leather taste comes out."

Made from the highest quality tanned leather, BUTTERO leather, made in the Tuscany region of Italy.

It is highly durable, and the texture, such as the color development, is finished in a belt with the distinctiveness that is unique to React.

Color: Green


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