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What is ITUAIS?

Based on the concept of "" (for a beautiful life), a leather brand that expresses things that make you feel passion and fun, regardless of style, based on the brand's interpretation.

We mainly make wallets, bracelets, etc. using leather materials, and we choose materials depending on the item being made and its purpose.
We aim to find the highest quality leather and commercialize it.

Therefore, the carefully selected materials are the same as those used by high brands and big maisons.
It has a high quality workmanship that is second to none other than the fact that the brand has just started and is still unknown.

Materials used in ITUAIS

Taurillon Lagun / Taurillon Lagun

Where to use: Front side of wallet, bracelet

Espelette is a tourist destination in France near Spain. The Remy Carriat company is within walking distance from the center of this city famous for its spices. This tannery, which specializes in large formats such as adult cows and buffalo, supplies leather to the world's most famous super brands for a wide range of uses, including bags, wallets, small leather goods, sofas, furniture, and shoes.

The leather used on the outside is chrome-tanned leather from a bull called Taurillon Lagoon, which is resistant to scratches and abrasions and gets better with use. The beautiful grain, vivid coloring, and above all the unique feel of the thick leather make it a supreme piece of leather that exudes a presence that only the person who holds it can understand. Due to its luxurious texture, it goes well with bags and wallets, and is mainly used for items that are suitable for a luxurious feel. It also features a wide variety of colors, with unique nuanced colors that give a pop of color and a trendy feel, while black and gray, on the other hand, give a classy and chic impression.

Box Calf Palmelatto

Where to use: Back side of wallet

ANNONAY is located in a quiet town in south-central France. It is surrounded by mountains and blessed with mineral-rich water. The high-quality box calf leather is tanned using high-quality spring water and has a smooth texture with firmness and elasticity. Annonay is a specialized tannery with the equipment to produce box calfs using only French hides. We supply to famous French maisons and British luxury men's shoes. The leather used on the inside is Box Calf Palmelatto, a box calf with a scratch-resistant finish and fine embossed design.It is a material that is not yet familiar to Japan, but it is used in famous European accessories and bags. This is a very elegant box calf made for the brand.


The highest quality zipper from YKK, the No. 1 zipper market share in Japan. A wide variety of element colors, such as smooth sliders that have been carefully polished on the entire surface of each element and beautifully sparkling real gold plating, will complement your clothing and bags. The highest quality zipper with dignity and style.

PRYM Italian hook

Where to use: Wallet

Uses Italian hooks from PRYM, which boasts a 400-year history.

This is a wallet for adults that is very easy to use as it has a lot of card storage on the inside and the coin purse opens wide. This wallet is made of high-quality leather with a playful zigzag pattern, and is easy to use, such as the leather handle.

Size: Vertical 11.0cm x Width 13.0cm x Depth 2.5cm

*This product is made of natural leather, so there are individual differences in quality.

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