alvana / Tanguis Waffle Vintage L/S Tee-Ivory

$63.00 (税込) $104.00

alvana alvana time record.

New “things” are created by overlapping history. Creating products for a new era without being bound by fixed concepts.

Keep records of time. Creating new thing by superimposing history The thing is an important tool for telling feelings and thoughts. Away from stereotypes, making products for coming era.

*Tangis Waffle When pursuing the comfort unique to WAFFLE, bulkiness was an important point, so Tangis was the thread of choice.

We reconsidered the thread count and created a new original thread count in order to achieve both a crisp feel and a chewy feel with 100% COTTON.

WAFFLE is a one-of-a-kind fabric that has been remade many times to ensure its appearance and stable physical properties. Based on Vintage, we have created an exquisite size that can be worn as an inner layer or alone.

In order to be worn on a daily basis, we have created an exquisite size that is easy to match with a wide range of pants, from casual to stylish.


Material: Cotton100%


2 3 Four
Shoulder width (cm) 48.5 50 50.5
Width (cm) 55 55.5 58
Sleeve length (cm) 52 53.5 55.5
Length (cm) 67.5 69 72

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