COW BOOKS/カウブックス

COW BOOKS / Container Medium-Blue

$107.00 (税込) $152.00

This is a medium size Cow Books standard container tote that is easy to use.

Inheriting the functionality of previous models, such as the handle and main body made of thick canvas fabric that has been treated to be water-repellent, and the cushioned bottom that makes it safe even when carrying heavy items, it has enough space to hold large photo books and heavy tools. We have considered the size and specifications so that you can carry it anywhere. The handle is long so that you can carry it over your shoulder when carrying luggage for long periods of time.

You can use it when carrying large documents at work, as a travel bag, or as a storage item in your room or on the back seat of your car.

A new color of saxophone blue that is bright on the eyes.

Width 47cm x depth 34cm x gusset 20cm
Handle length 48cm

100% cotton

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