$219.00 (税込)

The new model VECTOR008 has almost the same width as TARSIER.
The top and bottom are 3mm narrower.

Titanium is used for the core rod, and the VECTOR “→” design is excellent. Since the vines are made of two pieces glued together, it requires the craftsmanship of carefully carving them out by hand.

It is about the same width as TARSIER, but there are corners at the bottom of the frame side, giving it a sharp impression on the outside of the glasses.
The bridge is thick, so the whole glasses look fresh.

It comes with a nose pad and is light to wear, so you won't feel burdened even if you wear it for a long time.

Size: Lens width 4.3 x nose width 2.6

Color: KHAKI /Lens:Clear
Fabric: acetate
Made in Japan

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