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Downward Bound designed by Jerry UKAI (dedicated to Mr. Warren Harding and Mr. Royal Robbins) "Oh, I thought it was ridiculous to put Jerry in a Downward Bound zone system* so I stopped..."

A certain legendary climber said so.

A young Jerry Marquez won the Triple Crown in his late teens, became a famous guide on the Continental Divide Trail, and was nicknamed ``Mouse'' because of his small body and the way he walked easily on mountain trails.

There are surprisingly few photos of him from that time, when he was said to have hated photography, but for some reason one precious photo from the time when he was active as a rock climber in Yosemite was discovered in Hakuba, Nagano Prefecture.

Nowadays, it's hard to believe that Jerry Marquez is everyone's favorite.His strong nose and lack of cuteness caused people to wonder whether he was genuine or not. In his usual tone, he said, ``Oh, this is Mr. Marquez when he was young,'' and the matter was settled and Marquez was recognized.

To commemorate this series of riots, QUIET SPORT, the Hakuba-based company that discovered the photo, has created a custom-made T-shirt from TACOMA FUJI RECORDS.

*A unique personality grading system introduced in the appendix of Warren Harding's book ``How to Fall.''

It is a system where the ideal image of a great climber is Zone 1, and the worse the climber is, the closer the number is to Zone 10. He is famous for criticizing real climbers for various reasons.

*This story is fiction.

Jerry UKAI Jerry Ukai Art director and illustrator.

Born in 1971. Born in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Belongs to the Clippers.

Active in all aspects of fashion, culture, music, outdoor activities, apparel, CD jackets, etc.

He is also a member of ULTRA HEAVY, MOUNTAIN POOR BOYS, and has been actively writing for the past few years.

Color: Ice Gray

Cotton 100%

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Width (cm) 48 52 56 60
Length (cm) 64 67 70 73
Sleeve length (cm) 19 20 twenty one twenty two

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