COW BOOKS/カウブックス

COW BOOKS / News Boy Bag-White

$106.00 (税込) $152.00

This bag was created as a ``tool for bookstores'' that is essential for daily work. The bag is modeled after the large-capacity newsboy bag used by newspaper delivery boys in America in the 1950s, which had wide shoulders and a wide gusset to reduce the burden on the shoulders. The fabric is the same original ``Bookvender Stripe'' as the cap and jacket.

By tying the cotton tape at the bottom of the bag, the width of the gusset can be adjusted narrower. Please change the size to a more compact size depending on the amount of luggage you are putting in the bag.

In addition, the inside of the bag has an inner pocket divided into three by stitching. If you hang this inner pocket on the outside of the bag and use it as a flap (=lid), it can also function as a cover for the inside.

The front of the bag has a foam print imitating chain stitch embroidery with the word COWBOOKS, and the back has the COW BOOKS piss name.

Available in 3 mixed colors with white x blue and navy x ivory stripes and a red logo on the front.


Dimensions: Vertical x horizontal x gusset body 30cm x 46cm x 15cm
Strap 75cm-97cm

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