ITUAIS / Belezera Bi-fold Wallet

$288.00 (税込)

What is ITUAIS?

Based on the concept of "" (for a beautiful life), a leather brand that expresses things that make you feel passion and fun, regardless of style, based on the brand's interpretation.

We mainly make wallets, bracelets, etc. using leather materials, and we choose materials depending on the item being made and its purpose.
We aim to find the highest quality leather and commercialize it.

Therefore, the carefully selected materials are the same as those used by high brands and big maisons.
It has a high quality workmanship that is second to none other than the fact that the brand has just started and is still unknown.

Vilizuela means "beauty" in Brazilian slang.
This collection is conscious of beauty in terms of materials, functionality, and appearance.

Douphin leather is used on the outside and Alpine leather is used on the inside.

The structure inside can store banknotes and cards. A custom-made item that does not include a coin purse.
There is free space behind the card pocket, so you can store cards, receipts, etc.

Among wallets that evolve with the times, this type has remained popular for many years.
Isn't this a type that every man has used at least once?

It's compact and portable, has great storage capacity, and is very easy to use.

The Doufin x Alpine Vilizuela series exudes a sophisticated aura.
We want it to be unisex and loved by both men and women.


Billfold (with partition) x 1
Left and right card pockets x 3
Free pocket x 2
A custom-made item that does not include a coin purse.

DAUOHIN/Dauohin leather

This is the leather used on the outside.
DEGERMANN is France's oldest tan, which has been producing high-quality calf leather for about 500 years. Traditional techniques and skilled craftsmen continue to live on, creating beautiful leather like no other. The outside is made of DAUPHIN leather made by Degiman. DAUPHIN is a embossed leather made from carefully selected European hides, tanned using high-quality water rich in minerals, and treated with a unique special coating born from 500 years of craftsmanship. This special technology makes it extremely light, supple, and luxurious while maintaining extremely high durability.

ALPINE/Alpine leather

This is the leather used inside.
ANNONAY is a quiet town located in south-central France. Anonay is a specialized tannery with equipment to produce boxcalf. Boxcalf leather is made using only French hides and tanned using high-quality spring water, resulting in a high-quality leather that is smooth, firm, and firm. The Box Calf ALPINE used on the inside is the highest quality box calf with a lattice-like corner grain pattern. It has a very strong embossing, so it is resistant to bending and stretching and scratches, and has the advantage of not making scratches noticeable. In addition, the glittering luster that seems to emphasize the grain is also attractive, making it an elegant box calf with a very glossy look.

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