Re-ACT / リアクト

RE.ACT / W-Poket Multi Case-Black

$75.00 (税込)

A mini wallet made from elk leather from Okayama's Re-ACT. We used elk, which was previously available as a bespoke item at our store, and had it customized by changing the color of the zipper pull.

Elk leather refers to the leather of a large deer called "Hera Deer."

Elk leather is a leather material made from the tanned hides of elk deer, which are hunted primarily in Europe and North America to protect forests.

(Elk leather from North America is sometimes called mousse.)

Since it is the leather of a wild animal (which does not live in Japan), it has more scratches than other animal leather, but it is a leather material with the smooth texture and flexibility that is typical of deerskin in general. is.

The finished elk leather product has a fluffy texture similar to cashmere.

Color: Black
Size:W12 x L9cm

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