White Mountaineering/ホワイトマウンテニアリング

White Mountaineering / White Mounaineering x Danner DECK SHOES “RUGGED 3 EYE”

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We aim to create products that are lighter, easier to move around in, and fit into your daily life.
This season, we pursue a worldview that eliminates the barriers between urban life and the outdoors.

How do we integrate modern outdoor products into our daily lifestyle?
In order to fit the urban lifestyle rather than an over-spec function,
Also, how will White Mountaineering take on the challenge in this period of fashion change?
It is a new type of wear for urban life that expresses the boundary between products and everyday life.

Through fashion, we convey the message that there is no mountain that cannot be climbed.

Created based on the keyword "ain't no mountain high enough".

To be lighter, easier to move and more comfortable to fit with lifestyle, White Mountaineering focuses on the world to remove the border between the city and the outdoor life.
It is essential to pursue how the current outdoor product can be mixed into the usual lifestyle and what is really demanded in the new daily lifestyle.
We do not need over-specifications and too much functions, but need to fit with the action and style in the city life.
This collection leads us to consider again about the meaning and reason why we create (orproduce) the outfit, by creating the several original textiles.
“How are White Mountaineering going to challenge during this changing term of fashion?”
This collection provides the wear for the new normal city life expressing the borderline between the products and the daily life.
And it is created with the keyword “ain't no mountain high enough”, including the message that there is no mountain we cannot overcome, through our fashion.

Deck shoes with padding and 3 eyelet design. A pair that symbolizes the traditional style that is the basis of this season.
The area from the toe to the instep has been shaped to improve the fit and give the shoe a sharper look.
Thick suede upper, natural leather lining, excellent sweat absorption.
The outsole uses Vibram's 'GLOXI CUT SOLE', which is both lightweight and durable despite its voluminous appearance.
The material used in this sole, Vi-Lite, is lightweight and soft, making it suitable for outdoor use.
The midsole uses more EVA than usual to express a unique balance.
The upper is made of suede, which has a rich texture, and the more you wear it, the more the texture increases.
The vamp and heel are accented with cursive WM embroidery, which is this season's iconic motif, in a tone-on-tone color scheme.

Color: Black

Upper: Cow Leather
Sole: Rubber

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