alvana / Wrinkle Proof Easy Shorts-Black

$87.00 (税込) $124.00

alvana alvana time record.

New "things" are created by overlapping history. Creating products for a new era without being bound by fixed concepts.

Keep records of time. Creating new thing by superimposing history The thing is an important tool for telling feelings and thoughts. Away from stereotypes, making products for coming era. Tuck easy pants that take advantage of the elegant firmness of the material.

Stylish pants with unique military-based patterns that meet a variety of needs. Although they have the luster of a dress shirt, they don't wash easily and are easy to care for, making them functional pants that can be used for travel.

The material is designed to be worn from spring to fall in Japan, so it is a seasonal item.




-Wrinkle Proof Easy Shorts-

Shirt material with a beautiful surface and strong firmness. The material has just the right amount of flesh and is characterized by a slightly masculine and heavy feel. The elegant casual material is wrinkle resistant and is made for a wide range of styles.

2 3 Four
Waist (cm) 38.5 40.5 45
Rise (cm) 31 33.5 33.5
Inseam (cm) 20 22.5 23.5
Watari (cm) 31.5 34.5 35.5
Hem width (cm) 34.5 37 38.5

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