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The Dentist Machine designed by Tetsunori Tawaraya Drummer Hemingway's homemade toothpaste, invented by Tawaraya, became a hit product that year, and before he knew it, there were days when he didn't show up for band practice.

The band moved from Siberia to San Diego, changed its name, and was just about to start working in earnest.

They were not humans but slime-like fairies, but because they couldn't become famous with their looks, they put mosaics in all their photos and videos. The toothpaste that was released was initially produced as part of the album's promotion, but the album with the mosaic photo on the cover did not sell well, and instead, the toothpaste that was included as a bonus said, ``It doesn't kill all bacteria, but they will never rise again.'' It became popular with the catchphrase ``I can't do it'' and became an explosive hit.

The Dentist Machine Member composition Charbro-like findings: Guitar, Voice (musician with a permanent Charles Bronson-like smile due to the appearance of earthworm swelling on his lips) Persistent Japhet Cotto: Bass Guitar (see Midnight Run) Hemingway (Musician with a disease whose lingering aftertaste lasts until the day he dies) Hemingway: Percussion (Musician with a disease who can immerse himself in a literary mood just by placing it in the toilet) Guitarist and vocalist of the noise rock band 2up (Up Up) Tetsunobu Tawaraya is a well-known and talented Japanese artist who continues to create numerous art books, graphic novels, and apparel.

This is a new product following Le Dentiste, which was released in 2020 and sold out immediately.




Color: White Cotton 100%

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Width (cm) 52 56 60
Length (cm) 67 70 73
Sleeve length (cm) 61 62 63

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