$219.00 (税込)

VECTOR005s is a series with clear color on the frame.

Titanium is used for the core rod, and the VECTOR “→” design is excellent. Since the vines are made of two pieces glued together, it requires the craftsmanship of carefully carving them out by hand.

These are popular round glasses that are the core of the VECTOR series, inheriting the model name "KOALA" from celluloid.

KOALA means tarsier.
It is reappearing in the VECTOR series.
It comes with a nose pad and features a voluminous round shape. These glasses create an outstanding atmosphere just by putting them on.

Size: Lens width 4.2 x nose width 2.6

Color: CGY (charcoal gray)/Lens:Clear
Fabric: acetate
Made in Japan

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