alvana / Tanguis Wide Pocket Tee-Black

$54.00 (税込) $76.00

alvana alvana time record. New "things" are created by overlapping history. Creating products for a new era without being bound by fixed concepts.

Keep records of time. Creating new thing by superimposing history The thing is an important tool for telling feelings and thoughts. Away from stereotypes, making products for coming era.

The length is set a little short, but the width is roomy, creating a silhouette that takes advantage of the unique firmness of tangis.

The shape of the pocket is designed to match the silhouette when worn, so that the Big Pocket does not look unfashionable, and the pocket opening is sewn in the middle to prevent it from drooping, giving it a functional and clean look. Tangis jersey T-shirt is made of a material that is conscious of its thread quality, comfort, sweat absorption, and reproduces a solid feeling when worn even though it is not very thick. Since the yarn is stiff, we made it using Alvana's original yarn count, which has been tested many times to make it feel moist, and we focused on the twisting method and adjustment of the yarn. One of the characteristics of Tangis is that it has good color development, so even when creating original colors with dyeing craftsmen, we increase the number of dyeing steps to bring out the uniqueness of Tangis. Through repeated sampling, this jersey is born from Alvana's unique sense and experience as a craftsman.


Material: Cotton100%


2 3 Four
Shoulder width (cm) 54.5 56 59.5
Width (cm) 59 61.5 65
Sleeve length (cm) 26 26.5 27.5
Length (cm) 70 73 76.5

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