alvana / Tanguis Freeform S/S Tee-Black

$54.00 (税込) $76.00

alvana alvana time record. New “things” are created by overlapping history. Creating products for a new era without being bound by fixed concepts.

Keep records of time. Creating new thing by superimposing history The thing is an important tool for telling feelings and thoughts. Away from stereotypes, making products for coming era.

The silhouette is based on the good old American traditional box silhouette, but with a modern interpretation, THE TEE shirt has a style that is more comfortable to wear and has a balance with the body, and is contemporary with Alvana's interpretation. Not only can it be worn as a style, but it can also be layered with shirts and tailored items for a wide range of looks.Enjoy the unique details and texture that is tough and becomes more textured the more you wear it.

Tangis Super Uneven Tenjiku ``Unevenness and unevenness that make the most of the charm of yarn'' The creation of Alvana's materials begins with the selection of yarn, and through repeated trial and error, materials with a sense of presence are created. We have had an attachment to Tangisu yarn, which we have been developing since the brand's launch, and through continued research, we are improving it as a standard every day.

``Thread'' Tangis has a stiff yarn quality, so in order to create a count that feels moist, we created Alvana's original yarn and focused on adjusting the yarn count, twisting method, and thread count.

``Dyeing'' Tangis yarn has excellent color development, so when creating original colors with dyers, we increase the dyeing process to maximize the characteristics of the yarn.


Material: Cotton100%

Color: Black

2 3 Four
Shoulder width (cm) 50.5 53.5 55
Width (cm) 55.5 59 62.5
Sleeve length (cm) twenty five 25.3 26.7
Length (cm) 69 71 74.7
Size or Color:

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