VANS / Anaheim Factory Half Cab 33 DX- BLACK/CROC/TAPE

$53.00 (税込) $76.00

Half cab (HALF CAB) from the ANAHEIM FACTORY COLLECTION series celebrates its 30th anniversary.

To commemorate Half Cab's 30th anniversary, we are reproducing the first prototype suede x crocodile model.

"ANAHEIM FACTORY PACK" is a pack made as a homage to Vans' first factory in Anaheim, California.

Sneakers with a mid-cut silhouette and just the right amount of volume.
The material is hard and luxurious leather.
It has an authentic design, is highly versatile, and is timeless.

A signature model of the legendary Steve Caballero, who was an original member of the 80's legendary skating team BONES BRIGADE and is still active as a professional skater. VANS' first signature model "CABALLERO" was born in 1989 as a high-cut skate shoe. Many skaters cut the ankle part of the CABALLERO to make the ankle more flexible and wore it with a mid-cut, so the second signature product that commercialized this was the birth of the HALF CAB, called "#33". It became.

Material: Natural leather


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