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THE ART OF CSSS trilogy.

A capsule collection themed around Mitsukan Ajipon (that Ajipon that everyone uses when making hotpot). Kakuozan Larder Niwa's orange art/LIQUID MANNER.

Color: Oatmeal

Cotton 100%

THE ART OF CSSS (Citrus Seasoned Soy Sauce) / Orange Art Singer-songwriter Isaac Oden, owner of a used record store located in Chinatown, Anchorage, Alaska, is also known as singer-songwriter CSSS (CARIBOU SHOWS SACRED SEA) ).

In the mid-1990s, he began producing songs to match the themes of his own mixtapes, and while performing live at his own record shop, he sold mixtapes and used records together. One of the characteristics of his musicality is the unique aspect of his work as an environmental activist.

It contains sound images that evoke the land of Alaska, such as the electronic sounds of dolphins, the howling of wolves, and the pitch-black darkness of a blizzard. Another major feature is the strong influence of Japanese city pop.

He was friends with many Japanese expatriates and their families who stayed in Anchorage until the 1980s, and when they returned to Japan, they left behind a huge number of Japanese rock and city pop analogues from the 70s and 80s. Phil says it's because he grew up listening to it. The unique phrasing, achieved by irregularly copying and pasting fixed Japanese phrases, is at times dreamy and euphoric, like a hymn, and at other times unpredictable and magically dubious. When he feels like it, he and his staff sometimes form a city pop cover band that sings entirely in Japanese, and the band name at that time is "THE ART OF CSSS (Citrus Seasoned Soy Sauce)."

When they came to Japan for promotions, they held secret live shows in Yokohama and Shimokitazawa without any notice, and the only audience was a few drunk people who happened to be there and the staff. Merchandise was also sold at the live concert, which was later released on a video site, and the first part, including the MC, was a full-fledged performance performed in Japanese. He is also known for making private visits to Japan, and remains close friends with Japanese expatriates and their families who lived in Anchorage until the 1980s.

He has openly stated that he stays at friends' houses instead of hotels when he stays in Japan, and this seems to be the reason why he is often seen on the Yokohama Line or around Kikuna Station, such as when ``Isaac was at a bar.'' This T-shirt is a reprint of the T-shirt sold under CARIBOU SHOWS SACRED SEA's other name, "CITRUS SEASONED SOY SAUCE," when they performed live at Yokohama, Shimokitazawa, and Phahurat Market in Thailand.

The band's name comes from the English notation of his favorite food, which Isaac says, ``It makes the food delicious and reminds me of my friends in Japan.''

*This story is fiction.

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Width (cm) 52 56 60
Length (cm) 67 70 73
Sleeve length (cm) 20 twenty one twenty two

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