Re-ACT / リアクト

Re-ACT / Alaska Leather Glasses Case

$69.00 (税込)

This is an artistic shoulder leather with a waxed silver surface, manufactured by La Perla Azzurra in the Santa Croce area of ​​Italy. In addition, it has a slightly soft texture due to the natural shrinking process and the oil, but the fibers become denser due to the pressing during back processing, resulting in a stiff finish. It has become.
As for the physical properties of the leather, it is vegetable tanned with a dye finish, and the vachetta method is used to make it well-oiled, so the more you use it, the more it will change to a richer color and develop a natural luster, allowing you to enjoy aging. It's leather.

Natural graining (shrink) processing produces different expressions depending on the location of the leather, such as ``large grains,'' ``small grains,'' or ``almost no grains.'' Also, the appearance of the grain varies depending on the individual. Some individuals have strong grains, while others have less grains. Please understand that no two items are the same.

Due to the waxing process, the wax on the surface initially gives it a whitish appearance, but the more it is used, the more the wax penetrates into the leather due to friction, and the color inside becomes more glossy.

The inside of the case has a part that can fix the bridge of the glasses, so it can be stored securely and stably without moving around. It's also a smart size that's not too big, so it doesn't get in the way when you go out and is easy to carry. The inside is made of velor material, so it protects your glasses safely and gently. The snap buttons are made by Fiocchi from Italy.

*The material inside is velor.

Color: Black

・Material/Raw material: Cowhide
・Country of production/Country of origin: Japan/Italy
・Size: Vertical: 8cm x Horizontal: 20cm

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