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``BOHONOMAD'' from Turkey has been selling eco-friendly ``vegan rope sandals'' made from recyclable polypropylene material since 2015.

The origin of rope sandals comes from sandals called ``huarache'' worn by the Raramurri, an indigenous tribe in northwestern Mexico known for their excellent long-distance running abilities. Sandals were originally made from tree leaves and rabbit skin, but BOHONOMAD eliminates the use of animal materials and uses lightweight polypropylene with excellent strength, water resistance, and antibacterial properties, creating practical rope sandals. We have commercialized it as a product.

We eliminate harmful substances as much as possible during the manufacturing process. At our workshop in Köyceiz, Muğla Province, located in the Aegean region of Turkey, each pair of vegan rope sandals is made 100% by hand by local women.

BOHONOMAD's workshop creates continuous employment with an insurance system for local women, who have traditionally been employed as seasonal workers and had difficulty earning a stable income. This not only brings sustainability to the environment, but also to the local economy.

BOHONOMAD's vegan rope sandals feature fully recyclable polypropylene rope and a 100% natural rubber outsole. Polypropylene is strong, water resistant, antibacterial, and lightweight. It is made with only a heated iron (heat cut) and adhesive without any sewing, making it strong and durable. Therefore, it can be washed in the washing machine.

It is water resistant and can be used in the sea, river, and pool. It doesn't get heavy even when wet, and it has an outsole so you can wear it with confidence even in the sandbox. In addition, the buckle strap securely secures your feet, making it difficult for them to fall off and be washed away.

It comes with a natural rubber outsole, so it is suitable not only for waterside use but also for around town use.

When wearing rope sandals, you are concerned about shoe blisters, but BOHONOMAD allows you to tighten or loosen the entire rope by raising and lowering the rope at the heel, which improves the fit and prevents your feet from shaking, making it less likely to get blisters. Masu. Also, since it is made of polypropylene, there is no tingling sensation, and the rope itself gradually becomes softer, so you don't have to worry about it being too tight.

Made in Turkey

Color: Black
Szie: 41 (equivalent to 25cm), 42 (equivalent to 26cm), 43 (equivalent to 27cm)


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