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Lucky 'n' Lure / Lucky 13 Tee-Blue Print

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What is the brand "Lucky 'n' Lure"? A new brand started by Re-ACT's designer Mr. Nakayama.

``TOP WATER'' has a relaxing game and playfulness even among bass fishing. To put it simply, T〇P WATER is difficult to catch.

If you find a lucky lure, your fishing results will improve. ``Lucky 'n' Lure'' is filled with such thoughts.

I want to enjoy everything, even the weirdest parts! Through the FISHING TEAM called Lucky 'n' Lure, I would be happy if I could share both fishing and style with you! Making clothes that add a little idea to basic items and handwork, that's what I do! OK.

This is a collaboration item with OK, using the hand-embroidered patches that OK specializes in.

An homage to the classic lure "LUCKY 13" that was born in the 1920s. The hand-embroidered patch, which is perfect for numbering prints, gives it a one-of-a-kind feel like old clothing! Uses a 6oz heavy weight round body.

The thick and crisp fabric is made with open aid yarn, and has rough stitch work.

It has a somewhat classic and rugged texture.

A double stitch is added to the collar rib, and the thread count is also modified to create a heavy-duty neck.

Color: Blue Print

Cotton 100%

Shoulder width (cm) 44.5 51 54
Width (cm) 50 53.5 57.5
Sleeve length (cm) 20 twenty three 23.5
Length (cm) 66.5 71 74

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