Re-ACT / リアクト

Lucky 'n' Lure / Bucket Hat-Camo

$28.00 (税込)

What is the brand "Lucky 'n' Lure"?

A new brand started by Re-ACT designer Nakayama.

``TOP WATER'' has a relaxing game and playfulness even among bass fishing.
To put it simply, T〇P WATER is difficult to catch. If you find a lucky lure, your fishing results will improve.

``Lucky 'n' Lure'' is filled with such thoughts.
I want to enjoy everything, even the slightly weird parts!!

It would be great if we could share fishing and style with you through the FISHING TEAM called Lucky 'n' Lure!

Bucket hat with lucky lure embroidery as the logo.
This model is shallow and easy to wear.

Color: S/Camo
Size: L/XL (approx. 60cm)

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