RIDE BAG/ライドバッグ

RIDE BAG / Helmet Bag (redtriangle 10th Anniversary)

$267.00 (税込)

A completely custom-made Helmet Bag created by RIDE BAG to commemorate our store's 10th anniversary.

The material is CORDURA nylon.
Webbing tape is applied to the front part for military specifications.
It has a 3-way design that can be used as a handheld bag, shoulder bag, or backpack.

The color is black, there is a PC holder inside, and it was created so that it can also be used as a work bag.

The front has Velcro tape with redtriangle embroidery, making it a special bag suitable for the 10th anniversary.

Body: Cordura nylon

Size: Height approx. 49cm x Width approx. 43cm x Depth 10cm
(Because it is handmade, there may be slight differences in size.)

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