Mountain Research/マウンテンリサーチ

Riding Equipment Research / Malcolm-L(Long-Length)-Beige

$175.00 (税込) $249.00

The 100 cotton riding pants, named Malcolm after a dirt bike rider, are a REMIX of the RER-102Lancer leather pants.

The cotton satin is a thick material that is familiar from L●E's wetsuits (strictly speaking, it is an imitation).

In contrast to the above-mentioned RER-132, this product is for riders riding non-high pipe motorcycles that omit the heat protection pad.

As riding pants for summer.

Available in 2 lengths: regular length and rider-friendly long length.


Color: Beige

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Waist M/L-Long length
Waist (cm) 41
Rise (cm) 25.5
Inseam (cm) 74.5
Watari (cm) 32.2
Hem width (cm) 18.5

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