Re-ACT / リアクト

RE.ACT / Patchwork L-Fastener Mini Wallet

$146.00 (税込)

This is a typical soft tanned leather, and the raw hide is made from North American steerhide. Therefore, it is characterized by its fine skin texture.
It is also tanned by domestic tanners, and each piece is carefully processed by craftsmen. This leather is made by carefully adjusting the work depending on the weather and humidity of the day. The surface is made of PATCHWORK, which is made by carefully stitching each piece of genuine leather together, giving you a special texture that you won't find anywhere else.

・Buttero leather (leather used inside)
Buttero, which is characterized by its beautiful coloring, rich tones, moderate thickness, and firmness, is made by Walpier in the Tuscany region of Italy.
Due to its light makeup finish, it is difficult to hide scratches and wrinkles, but on the other hand, it retains the natural, rustic look and transparent beauty of leather. By utilizing them as ``taste'' in products, we create a ``one-of-a-kind'' and unique expression.
The more you use it, the more it becomes glossy and the color changes, and the natural coloring that is unique to Italy is outstanding. In addition, since it is a robust and highly plastic material, it can withstand long-term use and enjoy the aging characteristics that only ``leather as a natural material'' can provide.

As a mini wallet for the cashless era, it can store the minimum amount of cards you need.
You can store a total of 4 cards, 2 in the front pocket and 2 in the back pocket.
The structure of the wallet allows you to create free space, so you can store about 3 additional cards. The size is compact, so it won't feel bulky in your pocket or bag.
By floating the card pocket and coin purse without sewing them all together, we have increased storage capacity and made it more compact.

Material/Raw material Cowhide
Country of origin/Country of origin: Japan/Italy

Size/Vertical: 10cm x Horizontal: 8.5cm
Bill compartment: 1, coin pocket: 1, card pocket: 2, free pocket: 1

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