White Mountaineering/ホワイトマウンテニアリング

White Mountaineering×VANS / CLASSIC SLIP-ON 98 DX

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2023 Spring/Summer SEASON CONCEPT

Life in the Forest with Utility

Using outdoor utility functions, we aimed to fuse daily wear and utility wear.

Each item has a meaning, and the size and neutral coloring are based on relaxation.

Based on White Mountaineering's basic concept of playing outdoors in daily life, it strongly expresses the potential of the product.

Not only GORE-TEX, but also original 3 layer fabric, cotton polyester jacquard check that matches the specifications.

This is a season in which we approach products by creating original fabrics, such as the lightness and softness of linen ramie material, and applying that to a design that fits.

We strive to fuse the everyday wear with utility wear by adopting the function of the outdoor products.

We give the significance to each item which has the comfortable fitting and neutral color variation.

Under the original concept of White Mountaineering, outdoor in everyday life, we present the potential of the product.

For this collection, we have GORE-TEX as always and our original 3 layered fabric with the same quality.

We also made our original fabric with linen/ramie and check jacquard with cotton/polyester which is light and soft.

By putting them into the suitable designs, we create this collection.

Using the model name and style number used since the beginning of Vans' founding, the design retains the vestiges of the original model 'CLASSIC SLIP-ON' manufactured at the factory in Anaheim, California, while continuing the pattern of fine embroidery. A pair of shoes that expresses White Mountaineering.


Upper: Calf Leather
Binding: Synthetic Leather
Sole: Rubber

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