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A new printed T-shirt with an iconic graphic on a round oversized T-shirt made from 16/1 combed yarn. Commercial graphics from FreshService, which offers a unique collection of tools made from a fashion and art perspective, decorate the front. *Combed yarn is yarn that has been combed to remove immature short fibers and reduce fuzz. Since it is a single yarn, it has better moisture absorption and elasticity than double yarn, and the roundness of the yarn makes it feel more like cotton. The thread number 16 is often used in American T-shirt bodies, etc., and is characterized by its moderate strength even as a single thread. The image is similar to Haynes innerwear.


Color: Luminous

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Shoulder width (cm) 59
Width (cm) 60
Sleeve length (cm) 23.5
Length (cm) 73.5

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