$386.00 (税込) $551.00

This item is a CORONA style reproduction of an early 90's outdoor jacket. Each detail has a concept, and the entire jacket is made to be very functional.

It has a distinctive gusset under the armpit where three pieces are joined, and is a detail that fully incorporates mobility since it is outdoors.

It has a very roomy feel that can be worn easily over a jacket, and it also has a characteristic size from the late 80's to early 90's. The sample jacket was designed by a manufacturer that was a US military contractor in the 1940s and 1950s, and has a unique presence reminiscent of a military field jacket.


Color: Black


・EPIC RIPSTOP Rice that also supports US military fabrics

・High-tech functional material from NEXTEC.

EPIC has also been used in the US military's layering system "ECWCS". This ripstop is a durable functional material that uses silicone encapsulation technology, which applies a silicone barrier inside the fibers to significantly reduce the absorbency of the fabric and retains its water repellency even after washing.

Although it is extremely thin and lightweight, it is also durable due to its ripstop structure, and it is fully water repellent, moisture permeable, windproof, absorbs water quickly, dries quickly, and is abrasion resistant, making it fully effective outdoors and in the city where the weather can suddenly change. He will do it for you.

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Length (cm) 77 80 82.5
Width (cm) 64 67 69.5
Sleeve length (cm) 87 88 89

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