STYLE CRAFT/スタイルクラフト


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The material is goat buckskin tanned with natural tanning.
It was a limited edition leather collection for 2023SS, but we had a small amount in stock, so we asked them to make it.

The core and thickness remain in the fabric, and the leather is lightweight and does not lose its shape, and is characterized by its suppleness, so you can enjoy using it as it changes over time.

The front side of the tanned leather is brushed with sandpaper, giving you a feel of the leather's texture and lightness.
This is a mature tote bag that can be used with any style, and the more you use it, the more the leather looks.

*Please note that the appearance of each item may vary as it is made of natural leather.

Color: SAND
Size: W46 x H48 x D16 cm

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