TACOMA FUJI RECORDS / BIGFOOT SURVEY PROJECT my friends designed by Jerry UKAI-Smoke Gray

$43.00 (税込)

BIGFOOT SURVEY PROJECT (BSP) started in 2020 as a “fictional gear project.”

Starting this year, we will launch a new platform for Tacoma Fuji's outdoor approach. The first is a 2023 limited color SMOKE GRAY body logo T-shirt.

Color: Smoke Gray

Cotton 100%

BIG FOOT SURVEY PROJECT LOGO design by Jerry UKAI TEXT by TACOMA FUJI RECORDS The so-called "Patterson-Gimlin Film" was shot in 1967 and subsequently caused controversy around the world, capturing the only Bigfoot in existence.

Jack Ameche, who lives in Tacoma, Washington, will never forget the impact he felt when he saw that film as a child.

``I want to meet Bigfoot, even if it's just once.'' Influenced by his father's love for the outdoors, Jack started going camping every weekend with his friends in search of Bigfoot when he became a teenager.

After graduating from a local university, he worked at an outdoor shop. Jack's BIGFOOT IPA, which he started in his parents' garage as both a hobby and a profit, was selected as the best beer of the year and became a huge fortune.

What he started with his own personal funds was the BIGFOOT SURVEY PROJECT, which aimed to go back to basics and meet the Bigfoot of his dreams (the goal was never to capture or kill him).

The area where Bigfoot is said to live is called the HOUSE OF THE HOLY, and BIGFOOT SURVEY PROJECT became the name of the outdoor gear provided to project workers.

As the project gained attention, the products that leaked onto the market began to be sold at high prices among outdoor enthusiasts.

Taking the situation seriously, BIG FOOT SURVEY PROJECT officially sold some products in 2020, taking into consideration the soaring prices and promotion of activities.

I still remember the official release of the pro-doubts by HELINOX, JINDAIJI MOUNTAIN WORKS, KAVU, MY LOADS ARE LIGHT, and HAPPY HOUR.

Fast forward to 2023.

It has been announced that BIG FOOT SURVEY PROJECT will officially start selling products in response to leaked project products that will continue to be traded even in the outdoor scene after the coronavirus pandemic.

*This story is fiction.

***If you have any questions on items, feel free to contact us by email. We take international orders(ship by EMS and accept payment via Paypal).

Width (cm) 52 56 60
Length (cm) 67 70 73
Sleeve length (cm) 20 twenty one twenty two

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