Mountain Research/マウンテンリサーチ


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Concept line "Ph" started by Setsumasa Kobayashi and Kazuhiko Kai.

The concept line “Ph” by Mr. Setsumasa Kobayashi of “MOUNTAIN RESEARCH” and Kazuhiko Kai of “BAMBOO SHOOTS” has started from 2021SS.

Mr. Setsumasa Kobayashi, whom Kazuhiko Kai admires, has been running a "general store" on the banks of the Meguro River for 26 years, and is, so to speak, a great senior in Nakameguro.

The two, who have a mentor-student relationship, used the American jam band Phish, which they both love to listen to, as their motif. Fans of Phish are called "Phans," and replacing the letter "F" with the "Ph" in Phish is a play on words that Phans all over the world love to express their place in the world. It is an expression that Back in 1968.

Astronaut William Anders, who was the first human to orbit the moon on Apollo 8, took a photo of the Earth floating on the other side of the moon.

It was the first time we saw our world from the outside world. This led to the concept of ``there is another parallel world.''

In the 1960s, adults were forced to break away from society, where they were tied down by Protestant education. From the old world to a new world.

The 1970s was an era of intense desire and joy for freedom. We yearn for the 1970s, when we pursued endless freedom.

The message expressing our determination to go to the mountains, "DEEP IN THE WOODS", is printed in large letters so that it can be read from several meters away.

Contains a logo created for this project. The silhouette is a loose fit worthy of the American Standard name.

Dry touch body using 6.0oz open end yarn.


Color: White

Shoulder width (cm) 52 59 62
Width (cm) 56 61 66
Sleeve length (cm) 19 20 twenty one
Length (cm) 76 79 81

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