White Mountaineering/ホワイトマウンテニアリング

White Mountaineering / Manaslu by Yosuke Aizawa

$128.00 (税込)

NAOKI ISHIKAWA × YOSUKE AIZAWA My long-time friend, adventurer and photographer Naoki Ishikawa, returned from climbing Mount Everest and showed me many of his photographs, allowing me to feel the beautiful scenery and changing colors created by nature. As a publisher, we sponsor a photo book. This photo book depicts the lives of adventurers who brave harsh environments and the people who live there.

I was inspired by this photo, his story, and the changing nature of my life in a mountain hut, which has a great influence on my current designs.

White Mountaineering designer Yosuke Aizawa is creating products under the name Yosuke Aizawa for the first time.

In the future, we plan to develop things that interest us as a private label, such as people, things, products, and music that we find interesting and different from brands.

A premium long-sleeved T-shirt printed with a collage of the works of Manaslu, the highest peak in Nepal, taken by photographer Naoki Ishikawa, which was one of the sources of inspiration for the White Mountaineering 2023A/W collection, and published by Yosuke Aizawa. A set with a photo book of ``Manaslu'' signed by Mr. Aizawa with his name on it.



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Shoulder width (cm) 45 49 52.5 58.5
Width (cm) 50.5 54.5 58.5 64
Sleeve length (cm) 61 62 63 64.5
Length (cm) 64 70 73 76.5

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