Mountain Research/マウンテンリサーチ

Mountain Research / Garden Party-White

$39.00 (税込) $56.00

Song TEE or song selection TEE.

A new song added to Kobayashi's private playlist is by Ricky Nelson. + Phish playing "Garden Party" at Madison Square Garden is a tribute to Ricky Nelson and a middle finger to those who booed him off the stage in 1971. That's what the song is about. Sadly, it was Ricky's last hit. .

Available in 2 colors: white and black.

Heavy ounce big silhouette.

Color: White

Cotton 100%

***If you have any questions on items, feel free to contact us by email. We take international orders(ship by EMS and accept payment via Paypal).

Shoulder width (cm) 54.5 56 58
Width (cm) 60 62 65
Sleeve length (cm) twenty one twenty two twenty four
Length (cm) 71 73 75

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