AiE / Mohair Cardigan -Color Panel

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2023AW new Painter Zip Shirt.

It has a distinctive silhouette, with fine gathers around the shoulders and a roundness that is not found in regular shirts. You can enjoy the drape as you move your body, creating a relaxed silhouette. The idea is unique, as they seem to have calculated a silhouette that will flow beautifully even when the clothes blow up in the wind while skating.

The new Painter Z Shirt, which has been changed from a button to a zip-up shirt, can be used as a 1.5 shirt, so you can enjoy layering and expand your styling options.


Cotton Ombre Plaid Cotton100%

Made in Japan

AiE is an acronym for Arts in Education.

The designer is Kenta Miyamoto of Nepenthes America, who was an assistant to Daiki Suzuki of Engineered Garments.

The clothing is based on Nepenthes characteristics such as work and military, and has street elements added to it.

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Shoulder width (cm) 54.5 55.5 58
Width (cm) 75 77 80
Sleeve length (cm) 60.5 60.5 62
Length (cm) 72 78 80

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