alvana / Sky Spun S/S Tee Shirts-Purple Gray

$62.00 (税込)

The silhouette is based on the good old American traditional box silhouette, but with a modern interpretation, ``THE TEE shirt has a style that is more comfortable to wear and has a balance with the body, and is contemporary with Alvana's interpretation.

Completed with the maximum image of Tangis to date.
An all-round jersey that took over a year to develop.
"A crisp feel and an ounce of dough"
The texture is inspired by Japan's four seasons.
16/- jersey, which takes full advantage of the advantages of air-spun yarn, will become a new standard.


Material: Cotton100%

Color: Purple Gray

2 3 Four
Shoulder width (cm) 58.5 61.5 64
Width (cm) 62 65.5 67.5
Sleeve length (cm) twenty four 25.5 26.5
Length (cm) 68.5 71 72

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