Ballistics /CHAIR PILLOW - Multicam

$68.00 (税込)

Cover: Cordura nylon Cushion: Urethane tip, polyester cotton


Width x height x thickness: approx. 38 x 19 x 6 cm

This chair pillow can be used with all of our LOWER, ROCKING, and ROVER (new) chairs.
Hook the pillow's hook ladder to the two tape loops previously provided at the top of the back part, and after removing the standard cover (and urethane) of the head pipe, wrap the Velcro loop on the pillow side to use.
You can use the daisy chain on the Velcro loop to hang small items.
In addition, by passing the included belt harness through the left and right slides, you can attach it to a car headrest or a chair from another company, depending on your ingenuity.

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