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Following on from last year, this is a new crew neck jacket that was custom made by BLUCO.
As a special order point, the lining has been changed to Teijin's ``Octa'' high-performance fleece, the pockets have been moved to the side to increase capacity, and the bag cloth for the pockets has also been changed to ``Octa'' for a warmer feel.
Octa is a highly functional material that is lightweight and extremely thin, yet extremely warm and soft to the touch.
It's a small detail, but only the inside of the sleeve is lined to make it easier to pass through the sleeve.
A collaborative woven name exclusively for this item is placed on the back of the collar, and the outer material is made of BLUCO's standard high-density MA-1 twill, making it windproof and durable.

Outer material: 100% nylon
Lining: 100% polyester

Color: O.D.

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Width (cm) 61 63 65
Length (cm) 69 71 73
Sleeve length (cm) 82 85 88

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