Ballistics /Kermit CARRY TOTE - BK x Multicam BK

$89.00 (税込)

500D cordura nylon

BK×Multicam BK

Approximately 59.5 × 54.5 × 16.5 cm

I believe that the majority of auto campers who own Kermit chairs do not disassemble the Kermit chair to its minimum size, but simply fold it in half to transport and store it.
Although this method is easier, I felt that there were many inconveniences, such as the bag opening on its own and making it difficult to hold, and damaging or staining the cargo compartment of the car.
Therefore, we created a large tote bag that can transport and store two Kermit legs folded in half.
We installed a partition in the center to prevent the two legs from colliding with each other and causing damage, but since that would limit its use, we made the partition removable using Velcro tape and a DOT button.
You can remove the dividers and use it as a large gear tote, so you can easily throw in various camping equipment such as a folding table, sleeping bags and mats for the whole family.
There are small pockets with a camouflage pattern on both sides.
There are two D-rings attached to the front and back that allow you to hang small items using carabiners, etc.

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