Ballistics /MINI TABLE CASE - Desert Tiger Stripe

$117.00 (税込)

100% nylon


・Desert Tiger Stripe

Case/Height 420mm x Width 720mm x Depth 35mm

This mini table case is the only product that has been on sale since last year. Initially, we were aiming for a size that could accommodate up to two of our mini rover tables, but our customers would be happier if we made it a little larger to include an iron table from our partner Sanzo Construction. After I corrected the course, I started talking about how it would be better to include Rodan (sanzo construction fire stand), Pulse, and Lecter (fire scissors, trivet), and the result was... This is a carrying bag that has almost become a Sanzo Construction Company's bonfire goods case. This is a durable bag with a total of 5 internal pockets of various sizes, so we hope that you can use your creativity to store a variety of items. As additional specifications, we use collected tarpaulin for the lining and inside pockets, and we have placed a daisy chain between the handles on the outside and for hanging small items.

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