Ballistics / PIPE & HANDLE COVER - OD

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By wrapping it around the bowed parts of the top and bottom of the Kermit Chair, it becomes a bar pad that allows you to hang Sierra cups and other small items using a carabiner or S-shaped ring around the daisy chain part.
It is sewn with urethane sandwiched inside and can be easily attached and removed using Velcro tape.
Alternatively, hook the paracord tied at the end to the thumbscrew part of a lantern pole such as a "pile driver," or wrap something around the hook point and wrap it around a slender tarp pole. You can also use it.
By doing so, you can hang your favorite accessories such as cups and paper cases from the pole via carabiners.

cordura nylon


Approximately 44cm x maximum diameter (inner dimension) 2.4cm

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