$123.00 (税込)

This is a dress-up jacket for the Kermit chair that we designed based on the idea of ​​``NATURAL MOUNTAIN MONKEYS''.
The main feature is that the back and seat are joined together to create more room in the lower back area, allowing you to sit deeper than usual, and by holding your lower back in place, it improves sitting comfort.
In addition, by using highly dense and high-strength ballister nylon as the lining, the tension is increased and the long-term elongation rate of the seat surface is reduced.
◆The sheet is held in place by adding tape loops at each of the four corners, instead of using a mechanism that applies load to the normal screw holes.
When changing clothes, the last step is to hook the two bowed bars, which requires a lot of force to pull (spread) them sideways.
Please do your best to assemble it the first time, and once you are seated for a while, you will get used to it.
Please note that the second time and subsequent assembly will be easier than the first time.
◆Due to the extremely high-quality fabric and the structure with many steps, there may be differences in dimensions and individual differences due to the way the stitches are inserted, the spacing of the W stitches, and the elongation and shrinkage of the seams, but please note that this cannot be resolved easily due to the manufacturing process. Masu.
◆Some tools are required for disassembling and changing.
As a general rule, please perform the work at your own risk.
Also, we do not have any manuals for changing clothes.

cordura nylon


SIZE Normal size only

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