Ballistics / ROCKING ROVER - Khaki

$356.00 (税込)

We started with a reproduction of the Rover Chair, followed by the low type "Lower Chair" released last year, and the next evolution of that is the rocking Rover Chair "Rocking Rover."
It all started when Mr. Kobayashi, the head of Mountain Research, suggested adding rocking feet to the low arch air, but I couldn't imagine how well it would turn out, so I thought it would be easier to create it from scratch. This product is based on a 70's USA-made rocking chair owned by Mr. Kobayashi, and has been redesigned with the Rover Chair design.
A foldable rocking chair itself is rare, but considering that it is made of aluminum and has a headrest, I think it is a unique product. Of course, shaking itself is fun, but moving back and forth makes small movements (work) easier than you think.
Also, if you sit with your butt slightly shifted forward and lean your head against the headrest, you will be able to relax quite a bit, so it is recommended as a chaise lounge.

Frame: Aluminum
Hinge, bolts: stainless steel, steel
Arm rest: White ash (SV, OD, COYOTE) / Mahogany (BLACK only)
Seat surface: Poly canvas (OD, SV) / ​​Cordura (COYOTE, BLACK)

-OD x OD seat (poly canvas)

Approximately 79 x 56 x 73 cm (when unfolded)
Approximately 90×56×14cm (when stored)
Seat height approximately 36cm
Weight: approx. 3.65kg

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