Ballistics / BD ROCKING ROVER - BK seat x BK frame

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BD ROCKING ROVER is a collaboration product with Backdrop Leather.

[Existing product description below]
This is a special version of the Rocking Rover that we commissioned Back Drop Leather to produce.
This year, the material is high-quality genuine leather, and Backdrop's specialty is a three-dimensional diamond quilt pattern. The back side is lined with extra-thick cotton canvas to provide strong anti-stretch properties.
Furthermore, there is a luxury on the back. Equipped with one leather pocket. The armrest is specially made with a collaboration logo printed on it. Please try the luxurious and secure seating experience.


Seat: Cowhide Frame: Aluminum Armrest: Walnut


BK sheet x BK frame

Approximately 79 x 56 x 73 cm (when unfolded)
Approximately 90×56×14cm (when stored)
Seat height approximately 36cm
Weight: approx. 4.1kg

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