Ballistics / ROVER TABLE 2 - OD

$468.00 (税込)

This is an evolved and improved version of the Rover table that has been in the lineup for several years.
An improvement and change is that in the previous model, the structure was to replace the short legs (sold separately) from the base, but by adding a joint in the middle of the legs, replacing the legs is now much easier than before. Masu. (Two types of legs are included from the beginning.)
For the joint part, instead of using the common spring button type, a high-precision cutting joint part (solid aluminum) is inserted into the upper part of the pipe and bolted to the lower pipe.
As a result, there is almost no looseness that is common with replacement legs, and the joints are inconspicuous.
Other features include the use of a perforated board for the top board, giving it a slightly different look from the previous lauan wood, and the addition of a belt to hold the legs together when short legs were added to the center of the back, which was not previously available. .
In terms of price, it is set slightly cheaper than when purchasing the conventional product + leg parts.

Frame: aluminum/hinge
Bolts: stainless steel, steel
Top plate: Lauan perforated board
Leg joint parts: Machined solid aluminum

●OD×OD perforated top plate

Approximately 94×60×70cm (when unfolded)
Approximately 94 x 60 x 43 cm (when short legs are installed)
Approximately 94×60×7cm (when stored)
Weight: approx. 5.9kg

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