Ballistics /SB STOOL KIT 1.5

$113.00 (税込)

Glass fiber filled nylon resin, aluminum pipe

BLACK ( legs: BLACK alumite)

SIZE Seat height: approx. 400mm (assuming deck thickness 10mm )
Part thickness when stored: 45mm

Starting with the next batch, we have made minor changes by adding a cutout to the leg holder plate of the SBS KIT and changing the amount of cutout on the main block, so we have changed the color of the package from green to yellow to help identify the production lot. Masu.
There is no big difference in performance.

[Product description below]

This is a part that allows you to turn your skateboard into a stool by attaching this component instead of attaching tracks to the four holes ( 2 locations) at the specified pitch that are vacant on the skateboard deck.
The biggest feature of this product is that instead of the usual fixed legs, the four legs can be attached and detached using magnets, and the detached legs can be held in a holder on the back of the board for compact transportation.
This allows it to be used not only indoors but also outdoors, greatly expanding its range of uses.
You can use it for collection purposes, or as a practical item for your favorite deck that you have put away because it's a waste to ride it.
As a prerequisite, please prepare your own skateboard (deck) of your choice.
The hole positions of the parts also correspond to the OLD pitch, so It can also be used for OLD decks.
When delivered, it will be in a transparent blister pack, making it easy for retailers to display it by hanging it on a wall.
Design and strength calculations ``H&O'' cooperated with LFE for overseas production, resulting in satisfactory strength and finish.

<Design registered> Registration No. 1642428
<Patent registered> Patent No. 6916252

◆ Compatible with boards with a thickness of 11 mm or less and a foil base (inner hole to hole) of 350 mm to 400 mm. If it is longer than that, you can use it without using a "pole holder". (In that case, please carry the four leg parts separately.)
◆For decks with short noses and long tails, such as OLD decks, the leg positions will be offset considerably. Please be careful about your seating position when seated. Also, please note that some decks may not be able to be joined properly depending on the concave (curve of the board) position. (In that case, please refrain from forcibly joining or using it.)
◆Although there is originally a slight wobble (gap) between the leg pipe and the insert, please note that this is the required structural clearance.
◆The connection can be made only by tightening from the surface using special countersunk screws, so if the countersunk screws are not deeply embedded, do not force them in. Beforehand, slightly seat the holes in the deck at the angle of the countersunk screws (90 degrees). When carved (counterboiled), the screw head will be buried flat. (Please be careful not to force the screws as you may damage the Phillips screw head or damage the parts or deck.)
* The bit for seat carving will be like this →
(Search word: Star M HSS hexagonal shaft chamfering cutter NO.5007 8MM)

◆When assembling, please pay close attention to how the legs are inserted, the unevenness of the installation surface, and the distance from the vehicle or wall when using it as a stepladder.
◆This product contains a strong magnet, so please keep it away from objects that may cause problems due to magnetism. (Example: cards, precision equipment, recording media, PC-related products, watches, etc.)
◆The "resin cap at the end of the leg (the side that touches the ground)" is simply press-fitted rather than adhesive, so please note that some pieces may fall out when turned by hand, but please understand that this is by design.
(*If it comes out, please insert it all the way again and use it.)
◆ The cap at the base of the leg pipe may become loosely fitted to the pipe due to changes in age, season (temperature), humidity, etc., and may fall out of the pipe. If a part falls out and remains inside the plug-in block, remove it by pinching it with a thin-tipped tool such as needle-nose pliers, and then apply adhesive or the like to the side of the cap where it fell out, or use 1/3 inch cellophane tape to remove it. Please wrap it around ~1/2 and adjust the gap before reinserting it. Please understand that this is a characteristic of nylon resin products (high strength, but shrinks and expands significantly due to age, temperature, etc.).

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