White Mountaineering/ホワイトマウンテニアリング


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2023 Autumn / Winter Collection

After All

While going through the pandemic, I was spending more time in the mountain cottage far away from the city rather than an atelier in Tokyo.
There I devoted myself to the books by Eliot Porter and Naoki Ishikawa, which made me realize the beauty of the mountains transforming its appearance.

This awakening led to the various original textiles in deep colors or with the botanical patterns in this collection.
A season inspired by the photo book "*Manaslu / NAOKI ISHIKAWA" hosted by Yosuke Aizawa.

*Manaslu is a 8th highest mountain in the world at 8,163 meters, located in the center of Nepal. The name Manaslu is derived from Sanskrit word manasa, which means spirit .
Naoki Ishikawa made it to the top of Manaslu for the second time on September 28 th in 2022, after his first success in 2012.
The new photographs from his second trip to Manaslu in 2022 are added to the book
Manaslu published in 2014.

After the coronavirus pandemic, I inevitably had less time to spend at my atelier in Tokyo, and I was spending my days living in a mountain hut far from the city.
This season, I was drawn to the changing expressions of mountains as I read through numerous mountain-related photo books and literature by Eliot Porter, Naoki Ishikawa, and others in my mountain hut atelier . We offer a wide range of original textiles with deep colors and plant patterns. A season inspired by the photo book " *Manaslu / NAOKI ISHIKAWA " sponsored by Aizawa .

* Manaslu is located in central Nepal and is the 8th highest mountain in the world at an altitude of 8,163m . The origin of the name comes from the Sanskrit word MANAS , which means "spirit" . Naoki Ishikawa headed to Manaslu for the first time in 10 years since 2012 and successfully climbed the summit for the second time on September 28 , 2022 . The photo book " Manaslu " 2022 edition is a collection of new photos taken during the second Manaslu expedition in 2022, in addition to the photo book " Manaslu " published in 2014 .

What is BLK?

The BLK (Black Layer Knowledge) line was launched by White Mountaineering in 2009. High technology wear made entirely of black.

Zip coverall with WINDSTOPPER® function and excellent windproof properties.
Based on the BLK classic silhouette, we added a rider-like front and parts changes to create a casual image.
The outer material is made of nylon material that is windproof, stretchy, and water repellent.
The parts are made from a medium-weight material that has just the right amount of luster and firmness.
The opening of the zipper and the use of snap buttons on the collar allow for a wide variety of styles.

Color: Black

Main(Front): Nylon85%, Polyurethane15%
Parts: Polyester100%

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2 3 Four
Length (cm) 75 80 80.5
Width (cm) 56 57.5 62
Sleeve length (cm) 84.5 89 90.5

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