Fresh Service / AIR COOLING VEST_Ver.2.0 - Black

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This is a collaboration model with "Kuchofuku®," a pioneer in fan-equipped clothing that draws in outside air into the clothing via a fan and cools the body with the evaporative cooling of sweat.

It retains the innovative functionality and technology of Air-Conditioned Clothing®, known as workwear, while incorporating the size balance of FreshService.

Not only can it be used as fashion, but it is also highly versatile and can be worn in a variety of situations and styles, such as for leisure activities like BBQs, camping, and outdoor festivals, or as work wear in extreme heat, such as on location or while transporting luggage.

The outer fabric is made of nylon taffeta, which is lightweight, soft to the touch, and has stretchability that doesn't restrict movement.

When it takes in air, it inflates into a down vest-like shape, creating air flow within the garment.

This functional material has a matte texture that softens the sporty feel and creates an urban mood.

By turning on the battery switch installed in the inner pocket, the fan starts working and draws outside air into the garment.

The refreshing feeling of being surrounded by this cool breeze represents a new type of "urban wear" that will help you spend the scorching heat comfortably.

Material: 88% nylon, 12 % polyurethane

Color: Black

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Shoulder width(cm) 42 44
Width(cm) 60 62
Length(cm) 74 77

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