Fresh Service / VIBTEX for FreshService VIBSOX - White

$12.00 (税込)

VIBTEX socks (VIBSOX) are made in Nara Prefecture, which is Japan's number one sock producing region.

The properties of VIBTEX have excellent antibacterial and deodorizing properties, and also suppresses the generation of half-dry odors.

The ribbed opening is designed to be long enough to reach the ankle, giving it a soft feel without constricting, and the pre-sewn part that holds the toes together is knit-like linking, eliminating uneven seams for a stress-free fit.

MATERIAL: Cotton85% Polyester11% Polyurethane2% Nylon2%
SIZE:O/S (25~27cm)

Color: White

*Due to the excellent oxidizing power of OH radicals, which are generated through a chemical reaction between the natural minerals contained in the ingredients of DEO FACTOR® Antivirus, which is the basis of VIBTEX's processing technology, and oxygen and moisture in the air. By reducing the number of specific viruses on the fibers and bacteria, it prevents odor and mold growth.

Functional testing conducted by a third-party organization has also proven that certain viruses can be significantly reduced within 2 hours after inoculating the virus onto the surface of the fabric.

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