HARVESTA!HABICOL /For new denim knickers, commonly known as “hill belt” - Fluorescent yellow x emerald

$26.00 (税込)

We made a hill belt specifically for bondage denim knickers!
HARVESTA!Start selling with new name of HABICOL.

This belt has very good buckle metal fittings,
Even when you pee, you don't have to remove the belt.
Like Gramichi, which can be loosened or tightened.
The biggest feature is that it is a waving belt-like belt.
So, why?
Something that I can pass through inspection without having to take it off when I board a plane.
It's a convenient belt.
Wear wet style with big pocket shorts
Don't hesitate to get wet when fishing in a mountain stream
I like that I don't have to worry about it.
The coloring was made with fluorescent yellow, purple, and emerald, which the owner loves.
I had a lot of trouble deciding, but these three colors really stood out and felt good.

Color: Fluorescent yellow x emerald

Size: Size Total length 121cm ( If it's long, feel free to cut it and burn the ends with a lighter! )
Weight: Light (73g)

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